An ultrafreezer is a laboratory equipment with very low temperatures and is essential in the preservation of biological, cellular, molecular samples and laboratory materials, including vaccines, viruses, bacteria, enzymes, cells, tissues and DNA. Ultrafreezers are divided into two main categories: single-stage ultrafreezers and two-stage ultrafreezers. The single-stage ultrafreezer comes in a portable form with less energy consumption. But the two-stage ultrafreezer with two compressors and a rechargeable battery is suitable for storing large volume samples. Dehkede knowledge-based Jam Mechatronics Company has been able to produce a single-stage ultrafreezer with a new technical design and the ability to reach a real temperature of minus 86 degrees Celsius by using advanced technologies. Also, a number of Iranian companies with two-stage technology, which is more than 50 years old, have produced this type of freezer.

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