Ultrafreezer and freeze-dryer are two laboratory equipments that are used to keep biological samples and laboratory materials at very low temperatures. This equipment is essential to maintain the quality and performance of samples, including vaccines, viruses, bacteria, enzymes, cells, tissues, and DNA. But this equipment, like any other device, may fail or lose efficiency over time. To solve these problems, ultrafreezer and freezer dryer repair and support services are needed.

Ultrafreezer and freezer dryer repair and support services include the following:

  • Periodic inspection and repair: To ensure the health and proper functioning of the equipment, they must be visited and repaired periodically (at least once every 6 months) by experienced and specialized experts. During this visit, the equipment parts are checked and replaced or repaired if necessary. Also, device settings such as temperature, pressure, humidity, vacuum, etc. are checked and corrected if necessary.
  • Answering questions and problems Users: To solve any questions or problems related to the use of equipment, users can call the phone number 09125676075 and benefit from the answers of experts. You can also contact us by email info@villagemeg.ir.
  • Training users: To improve the efficiency and increase the life of the equipment, users should be familiar with the correct methods of using, maintaining and repairing them. For this purpose, you can visit the site [Dehkade Jam Mechatronics Engineering Group] and use free and practical training in the field of ultrafreezers and freezer dryers. You can also participate in face-to-face and online training courses held by experienced and expert trainers and receive a valid certificate.

If you are looking for repair and support services for ultra-freezers and freeze-dryers, you can visit [Dehkadeh Jam Mechatronics Engineering Group] and benefit from our diverse and high-quality services. Having an experienced and expert team, we are ready to provide ultrafreezer and freezer dryer repair and support services for all brands and models in the market. Also, we guarantee that your equipment will be repaired in the best possible way by having original and quality spare parts. To request ultrafreezer and freezedryer repair and support services, you can call 09126622907 or fill out the service request form on the site. We will contact you as soon as possible and perform the necessary services.

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